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This page contains links to information related to digital repositories which have a bearing on this project.

Supporting documents from the Repositories theme of the JISC-CETIS 2005 Conference
*DLF Service Framework for Digital Libraries, Lorcan Dempsey and Brian Lavoie.
*Service Framework Reference Models, Bill Olivier.
*The Ecology of Repository Services: A Cosmic View, Neil MacLean.

Sakai Related Repository Documentation

*Javadoc for Sakai 2.0.1 Go to the ContentHostingService interface description to get a view from an actual CLE implementation.
*Technical Requirements Derived from Libraries Use Cases, Mark Norton. A quick analysis of requirements based on some of the Sakai Content Management use cases.

Other Documents
*Secure Communication Layer for a Scalable Network of Learning Object Repositories, Marek Hatala
Despite the title, contains general information on repository interoperability.
*Online Repositories for Learning Materials: The User Perspective Amber Thomas and Andrew Rothery.
*A Simple Query Interface Specification for Learning Repositories CEN CWA 15454
*Interoperability of repositories: the Simple Query Interface in ARIADNE Stefaan Ternier and Erik Duval

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  1. Anonymous

    The 'Interoperability of repositories : simple query interface in Ariadne is the wrong link. It's actually the same link in the previous listing.

    1. Thanks - it should point to the correct place now.