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  • 20 September 2007
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Web Advisory Council Meeting

Date: 2.01 September 2007
Location: Hamburger Room in Eisenhower Library
Time: 11:00 - noon


  1. Welcome (Sue)
  2. Introductions – who we are & what we do (ALL)
  3. Review charge From homepage (Sue & Sayeed)
    • what the group is supposed to do
    • discuss possible need for an Implementation and Design layer to structure?
  4. Review of draft Policy
  5. Review of last years priority projects
    • Blog (Liz on the current state of the blog)
    • Data Farm (Sue on current state of data in wiki EXAMPLE) | (Sean on new analytic tools)
    • Sheridan Libraries IntraNet (Sue on possible options)
  6. Proposal for new project: Reconsidering the homepage: the role of services
  7. Deciding priorities for projects (ALL – led by Sue)
  8. Plan for next meetings


Present: Sue, Sayeed, Elliot, Sean, David, Liz, Xuemao
Absent: Welch, CER, IT@JH

  • The changing WAC: strategic focus on web "services" not websites.
  • Creating a strategy that is pliable/extensible - able to be applied in different environments - e.g. Welch or IT@JH.
  • Highlighted discussions of parallel groups or threads occurring in the libraries: PIG, IT@JH, RSC liaison group subject headings mapped to resources
  • Discussion of the idea that the web presence of the library should be "where our users already are" instead of funneling or imposing a view or service on a user.
  • Data farm can be used to find out where are users are
  • Enumerating the services or resources that currently exist: subject pages, etc.
  • State the idea that we are willing to put forward experimental prototypes, and iterating instead of putting out expensive, operational production services which may not meet our users expectations or needs.
  • Utilizing the wiki to increase transparency of the group and capture the evolution of our process/accomplishments.


  • Blog - its up, in production; done. Continuing to evolve data-gathering
  • Data Farm - high priority
  • Intranet - take a step back, look at a bigger picture
  • List or Enumerating current services. Services we have, and a survey of services that other libraries provide.
  • Sue to recruit a group to work on the datafarm
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