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  • 26 October Minutes
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LOCATION: 160 Mattin Center
TIME: 10:00-12:00

Update on WAC Projects

Blog Project

  •, are set up - these two sites will provide production and development blog space.
  • Currently Wordpress (the original Wordpress, not the multi-user version) is installed on blogs-dev.
  • New Wordpress out, supports multiple blogs with a single installation. Mike and Elliot will set it up on
  • Sayeed noted that the blog site is a professional extension and presentation of the Library (similar to the website), thus there should be policies and guidelines concerning its use:
    • who can post to it?
    • who can create a blog?
    • comment policy - who can comment, do we accept comments?
  • The Wordpress development site is currently available, but no users have been created. Currently the site is open and accessable to everyone, but we may want to restrict access to the development version (to MSE only for example).
  • XMW and MC working with RSC to form policy/guidelines and take project to the next phase.

Assesment project

--When should the first phase be done?

  • Committee agreed it would be a good idea to be in the process of collecting data by the next WAC meeting

--What content will be included?

  • Any quantitative or qualitative data that has been or is currently collected by the various departments.
  • Not limited to just web-based statistics like weblogs.

What are our peers doing?

What constitutes completion?

While the committee didn't decide what the ultimate picture would be, it was decided that a good first step would be to take an inventory of the data that we currently have. Committee agreed that a Wiki space would be used to house links to the raw data, and a description or summary of the data.

  • Phase 1: Identify and locate data. Note also what is not being collected.
  • TODO List (in order)
    • Rename space from stats to data. (tick) - done 10/26/06 esm
    • Build out Wiki Data space
    • Identify and locate data.
    • Webform for accepting submissions for the Data wiki space.

Somewhere there should be a reference to the survey being sent to staff - Mike can you add it into the appropriate place?

Upcoming WAC Projects

Website Update/Refresh and Homepage Usability

  • Website update/refresh/accessablility prioritized ahead of Intranet redesign
  • Mike noted that the library homepage is generally accessible, but there are issues with headings.
  • Consensus is scope of work for website update/refresh limited to accessability
  • Issue regarding brower compatibility - status? Resolved?

Intranet Redesign

  • Question as to the role of the intranet with the rise of wiki/confluence.
  • confluence themes

Additional WAC Members ? will there be replacements for people who have left?

  • CER membership? Sayeed will discuss with Candice.

WAC Members Information Sharing

Welch Update (Caroline)

  • Welch working on 2006-2011 Action Plan and its relationship to web presence.
  • Continuing enhancements to MyWelch
  • Reconfiguring WelchWeb (streamlined, more user-centric)

SiteMinder Update (Dwight)

  • performance improvements in the context of hopkins one.
  • Goal of supporting 200 authentication ops/minute.

Site Executive Update (Dwight)

  • Continue to work with Systems Alliance on issues (performance of rendering side - use of caching proxy)
  • Proposal to integrate SM with Administrative side of SE

Discussion regarding the role and scope of the Web Advisory Council (based on Sayeed?s email)

  • Discussion of data and form of proposals
    • Null hypo
    • Solution to the problem, not just a "good thing to do"
  • eXtensible Catalog (


Sayeed Choudhury
Mike Creech
Elliot Metsger
Dwight Raum
David Reynolds
Xuemao Wang
Sue Woodson (Chair)
Caroline Zambrowicz


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  1. Elliot, can you put in a link to the data wiki space? thnx