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About The Web Advisory Council


The Web Advisory Council shall:

  • Focus on policy issues regarding presentation of library resources to a wide variety of users
  • Ensure that the current and future needs of key stakeholders are met
  • Recommend prioritization of projects
  • Facilitate communication with both internal constituents (content creators, content managers) and university-wide constituents (ULC, IT@JHU, etc.)

The WAC supports provision of the libraries online resources where the patrons are. Working at the policy level it provides overall direction setting and priorities. Technical and aesthetic details are the work of the Implementation and Design Group..


  • focus on developing and delivering web services that are pliable/extensible and can be deployed in a variety of environments
  • stability in a production environment is recognized as fundamental; at the same time experimentation and risk taking are appropriate and encouraged in WAC work
  • transparency of the group process is valued


To support the teaching and research mission of the Johns Hopkins by providing access to:

  • purchased and locally produced library resources
  • library services
  • news and information about the library


The design of the web presence takes into consideration the diversity of the Hopkins scholars including particularly their various styles of accessing the web.


  • Provide JH scholars
    • a web presence that is useful for doing their research
    • access to our services and resources where they normally do their work
    • evolution based on continuous microenhancements; innovation and improvement without massive redesigns that confuse the patrons
  • Provide content contributors with
    • standards, procedures, and guidance to create content that meet our policies
    • development support and training to learn the skills needed to meet our policies

Use of Images

The only images allowed are ones

  • that are verifiably in the public domain or
  • for which explicit permission from the copyright holder to use can be obtained


WAC work follows the Libraries? privacy policy ( ).


  • every element of the Sheridan Libraries web presence will use a consistent design and branding system that clearly marks content as coming from either the Sheridan Libraries specifically or the Hopkins Libraries (Specific details of the design are provided in a separate document.)
  • WAC will support any efforts to create a common identity for the various Hopkins libraries (e.g., using the designated library logo).


WAC follows the guidelines of the Web Accessibility Group (in development).

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