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  1. I'd like to have a time stamp as well as date stamp on posts. I'd also like to have the author's name appear. -Andi
    I added these suggestions by editing the index.php file for the current theme with the following changes: <small>Posted: <?php the_time('F j, Y') ?> at <?php the_time('g:i a'); ?> by <?php the_author() ?> </small>this has been done on the new theme now. - Mike
  2. I don't seem to be getting emails consistently when people add comments to posts. They do require approval before they appear, which is what we want, but I got email notifications on two comments the other day only after I went in and approved the comments. One was from Ellen, who was logged in, and one was from a student, who was not. Didn't seem to make a difference. -Andi
  3. I think we should decide if we want links to open a new window. I debated that when I went to put in the link to Testing and Education Reference Center. I also was a bit confused about how to inster a link in the first place! -Ellen
  4. I discovered that my former place of employment (Galvin Library, Illinois Institute of Technology) now has a blog using Word Press. They have some of the features we've said we wanted--posted by and categories. I wonder if we want the categories right next to posted by as they do. Which way do they stand out better? -Ellen
  5. I really like the "About" tab on IIT's blog. I think we need to have that or something like it, a part of the blog where we can put that information and it'll always be visible. – This is accomplished in the new theme, known as Regulus - Mike
  6. Can we have separate feeds for each category besides the one feed for the whole blog? -Andi – This is possible and I will make it happen prior to the February 6 demonstration. - Mike
  7. I like the addition of the name, categories, and comments line; however, in my blogging experience this line almost always shows up at the bottom of the post. Aesthetically, I find that it creates a natural break between posts. I also think that this is where other people, who are familiar with blogs, will naturally look for it. - Beth
  8. I seem to be the only person who attempted to post an image, but I was only able to do it through IE. When I tried to use the browse function in FireFox I got this message: "Unable to create directory /data/www/blogs-dev/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2006/12. Is its parent directory writable by the server?" Has anyone else had this problem? - Beth
  9. I just edited the "About" page on the blog. Please go in and look at it at and post any comments here (Virginia, have I got the suggestion box policy right?). Also, do you think we need another tab at the top of the blog that takes you to the Libraries' home page? -Andi. Yes, I think a tab at the top to take you back to the Libraries' home page would be great. And, I like the About page.-Ellen
  10. I just tried posting a comment on a public PC. While I see it right after I posted it, I don't see it when I close the browser and re-open it and go back to the blog, so that's one good thing. However, not to open another can of worms, but I posted my comments in Printers. When you look at the link for comments it says 2 Comments, but when I went into them, there are 4! What's that all about?-Ellen – This is an issue of a cached version of the page being served up to your browser window. -Mike
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  1. I like this software, and I like the way it's set up! I think the Categories need to be richer. At very least, an item for "Instruction" should be added. --Mark

    1. Unknown User (ekeith2)

      Yes, we need to have a discussion about Categories. I went in and made them for some of the posts we already had (and one I made) but I wonder if they're too "library-speak" for our patrons?

  2. Unknown User (abartel1)

    Okay let's get the ball rolling on some more categories. In addition to the ones we already have, which I don't think are too "library-speak," how about:

    Events and Exhibits (don't know whether these need to be separate)


    Learn the Library (I prefer this to "Instruction;" it can include posts announcing formal instruction such as RefWorks classes as well as posts with brief tips such as how to find videos in the catalog)

    Ask Your Librarian (this could be an interesting category in which we post intriguing questions (anonymous, of course) that we've answered and where/how we found the answers. It could serve as a sort of PR function to help people understand this aspect of what we do.)

    Please add any other categories you think we should start with. I'm guessing we'll come up with others as the need arises.

  3. Unknown User (mcreech2)

    I have downloaded the theme that they use at the Galvin Library of IIT and will install it to see if the tab functionality is part of the theme or if I will need to edit the page templates to add it.

  4. Unknown User (mcreech2)

    The theme includes the tab functionality. Now it is just a matter of determining the colors.

  5. Unknown User (vmassey1)

    Here is the policy that appears on the Suggestion Board. It's too long for the blog. I would dump the middle para. Perhaps the second sentence of the first para should read "Our goal is to make your use of the library as efficent...."
    I'd like to see the Suggestion Boxmuch more prominent, like the first thing in the list on the right, above "Recent Posts" Maybe we could even box it in.
    In "About this Blog" I wouldn't mention the Suggestion Box on M-Level because many people never come here and also nothing about offensive comments. We just need to tell them it's moderated.
    From the last sentence of the first para through the second para, we need something that points
    a. we want to hear from them
    b. they can either comment on what's here or bring up new topics and suggestions in the Suggestion Box
    c. the blog is moderated.

    and finally, I'd really like to see some color in the blog--the black and pasty blue has got to go. I like the idea of changing photos in the banner and then maybe a stronger color on the sides/labelling



    We take your suggestions seriously and respect the time you have taken to let us know your concerns. We try to make your visit here and access to our resources as efficient and pleasant as possible. Of course, there are financial limitations and, when we are serving such a large, diverse community, there are sometimes conflicts of interest. We will try to do our best for all concerned.

    Book and Journal Purchase Suggestions: For the most part, we accept all suggestions for book orders. Check the online catalog for status of receipt. We will respond here to requests for journals, newspapers or electronic titles to let you know whether we are able to purchase your request.

    We will not respond to any suggestions that criticizes a staff member by name or clearly identifies any individual. The issue will be addressed with the staff person privately. We will not respond to any suggestions that contain obscenities or otherwise lack civility and respect for any person or this institution.

    Virginia Massey-Burzio
    Head, Resource Services Dept.
    Sept. 2000 (rev. June 2003)