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The Sheridan Libraries Blog aims to provide a low-barrier inclusive forum for Sheridan Libraries staff to easily post informal user-focused content. The purpose is to harness the collective expertise of the Sheridan Libraries staff as well as exhibit the resources of the Sheridan Libraries for a heterogeneous audience of our users, including students, staff, faculty, and the interested public.

#Goals and Objectives

Goal 1:
Library staff will be able to easily get involved and post to the blog.

  • Objectives 2007-2008:
  • Members of the blog working group will recruit and coach new blog contributors from different areas of the library.
  • Beth Williams will manage accounts for blog contributors.
  • Blog Working Group will develop Blogging Guidelines and Procedure.
  • Blog Working Group will develop Guide for Blog Contributors.

Goal 2:
Blog content will be frequently posted and varied in content and tone.

  • Objectives 2007-2008:
  • New contributors will be given a soft guideline of posting once a week to build comfort and increase the regularity of content.
  • We will work toward posting once a weekday to the blog overall during the academic year.
  • Guide for Blog Contributors will be used to profile desirable content, to be distributed to and discussed by blog contributors.

Goal 3:
The Blog implementation will enable easy navigation and subscription, interaction through commenting, and the collection and analysis of usage statistics.

  • Objectives 2007-2008:
  • Reprioritize functional requirements to help navigation, subscription, and statistics.
    • High-priority: Feedburner plug-in for both feed and site statistics.
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