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Library Intranet Redesign


To redesign the Library Intranet, enhancing access to resources and functionality.

Project History:

The Library Intranet has existed in its current state since 2001. The server that is currently hosting the intranet is approaching its end of service. The former Web Steering Committee determined that since we would need to migrate the content of the intranet from this server, it would be a good time to assess if the intranet is currently meeting the needs of the library staff. Some usability tests have been conducted on the forms and policies sections of the intranet, but no changes have been implemented to date.

Project Plan:

1. Use usability studies to determine what features staff members are using and what they would like to see.

2. Look at user statistics to determine which pages are being viewed and which are not.

3. Create a matrix of requirements that the Intranet must meet.

4. Compare several software options for hosting the Intranet (this should include Site Executive, Confluence, Drupal, uPortal and potentially others).

5. Develop the information architecture for the Intranet and build template(s) to go around page content.

6. Migrate content from the existing Intranet to the new Intranet.

Resources Needed



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