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Library Services Assessment Program


To create a program that will dictate a regular review and assessment of services the library offers ensuring that they continue to meet user needs.

Project History:

There has been no consistent plan for assessing the services the library provides. Each time it is determined that we need to conduct some sort of assessment of one of these services, the work has to be recreated. This means that the assessment requires a greater amount of time than it should.

Project Plan:

  1. Identify and inventory the services the library offers.
  2. Identify and evaluate the methods for collecting data and types of data collected.
  3. Develop and/or collect a set of resources available to the library for collecting data (e.g., create a database of tasks for task-based usability testing or build a mechanism for collecting anecdotal information from staff members working in public service areas).
  4. Create a flexible schedule that would allow for the evaluation of each (or a portion of each) service at least once per calendar year.
  5. Incorporate a plan to implement change(s) to the services that are discovered during the evaluation if they are appropriate.

Resources Needed



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  1. Liz Mengel pointed out the UPenn Library Data Farm . Looks pretty cool. And according to Liz he's willing to share the code.