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Guiding Documentation:


Goals and Objectives

Blogging Guidelines and Procedure

Guide for Blog Contributors

Blog Installation Requirements and Priorities


Jan. 2007: Blog Live
August 2007: Blog Working Group Reconvened

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Project History:
See attached documents:

  1. Initial proposal to M-Team, 5/19/06
  2. Blog proposal meeting minutes, 5/30/06
  3. Blog update to DS, 8/2007

Original Project Plan:

2017 - 2018 Working Group

  • Meredith Shelby
  • Robin Sinn
  • Margaret Burri

Blog Working Group Meetings

Blog Working Group Meetings

Examples Elsewhere:

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  1. Unknown User (euzelac1)

    Just adding a column to make this a little more navigable. I'll post notes from today's refocusing session and we can finalize our rearticulated goals & objectives and move on to contributor & content framework & guidelines.

    Thanks for a good meet!

  2. Unknown User (ekeith2)

    Re-reading our chart of required/desired functionality (listed above), I wonder if it would be helpful to chart the functionality we actually have. The chart was last edited in July of 2006 and I know we dropped a few of the things we had deemed required or desirable. It may be useful to document that.

    1. Unknown User (euzelac1)

      Good idea. I know I uncovered the fact that we weren't getting indexed by search engines before today, so I'll start looking at both that list and features that aren't on it.

      Before we meet again I'll try to get a functionality version 2 list up.