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About the Web Advisory Committee

Members & their divisions

Elizabeth Uzelac

Coordinator for Library Instruction

Ted Glazer


David Reynolds

Metadata Librarian

Dwight Raum


Elliot Metsger

Systems / At-large rep

Reid Sczerba


Sayeed Choudhury

Liaison with EC

Sue Woodson (Chair)

HILTS Public Interface Group

Sean Hannan

Web Developer (Ex Officio)

Xuemao Wang

Head of Systems (Ex Officio)

Schedule Projects, Priority Order

  1. Sheridan Libraries Blog – (in OPERATION)
  2. Library Services Assessment – (planning stages)
  3. Homepage Usability
  4. Intranet Redesign
  5. Website Redesign
  6. List of proposed changes
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  1. FYI On 5 January Karen Schneider has a blog entry on guidlines for blogs in libraries.