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Web Site Homepage Usability Review


To determine how users search for and use information on the Libraries' Web site and to identify any aspects of the site navigation that need improvement.

Project History:

This project has evolved from the rounds of usability testing that were done prior to the development of the Libraries' current Web site. The goal has been to involve the input from real users in the decisions we make about future redesign and development.

Project Plan:

1. Develop randomized sets of questions corresponding to common tasks for each user group (undergrads, grad students, faculty).
2. Conduct usability testing consisting of scenario-based navigation tasks with students and faculty from the schools of Arts and Sciences, Engineering, and Professional Studies in Business and Education.
3. Compile data from testing and note any patterns, trends, or particular points of difficulty (as well as areas that work well).
4. Make appropriate changes to site navigation if they are deemed not to require extensive changes to the site architecture; retest with subjects. If more substantive changes appear to be warranted (this is not anticipated), forward data and recommendations to the Web Advisory Council.

Resources Needed:


Time Line:

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  1. Do we want to work with developing persona? We have so many different kinds of patrons to serve, it could help us sort some issues out.