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The Executive Committee authorized a task group to develop a charge for the redevelopment of the Sheridan Libraries website. This document outlines the charge, objectives, plan and composition of the initial task group. This particular effort does not relate to other aspects of our web presence that require University Libraries Council direction (e.g., MyJHU portal).

Redevelop the Sheridan Libraries website to ensure that it supports our mission and strategic plan by effectively providing access to and supporting staff creation of web content and services. The central guiding principle of this redevelopment will be meeting the needs of our customers.

The objectives for the website redevelopment align with ?The Elements of User Experience? by Jesse James Garrett. Specifically, the objectives include definition of:

1. User needs and site objectives
2. Functional specifications and content requirements
3. Interaction design and information architecture
4. Interface design, navigation design, and information design
5. Visual design

The first two objectives represent the foundation from which the other objectives build upon and relate most directly to both internal and external customer needs. For this reason, the task group proposes to spend the entire summer focused on fully developing objectives (1) and (2). The task group will work with Sheridan colleagues and complete objective (1) by the end of June 2009. The task group will complete objective (2) by the end of August 2009.

Once these objectives have been completed, the task group will report to the Management Team and develop a timeline for objectives (3) through (5). The task group will also recommend whether additional individuals or sub-teams will be necessary to redevelop the website. A preliminary estimate of timeline is that the ?beta? versions of the website or prototype elements will be available for review by January 2010 with the full redevelopment completed by summer 2010.

The Task Group
The current members of the task group include:
Sayeed Choudhury (Chair)
Sean Hannan
Elliot Metsger
Brian Shields
Liz Uzelac

The task group noted that a product manager with website development experience would typically be required for such a redevelopment effort.

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