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A Survey and Evaluation of Open-Source Electronic Publishing Systems

This Wikispace is devoted to comment and discussion, first, of the 2006-2007 study performed by The Johns Hopkins University and commissioned by the Open Society Institute (OSI) providing a survey and evaluation of open-source electronic publishing systems. It is, secondly, devoted to a continuing discussion of open-source electronic publishing systems in general.

The white paper that resulted from the original study is posted here: Open Source ePublishing Systems White Paper.pdf.

The Powerpoint slides from Mark Cyzyk's Fall 2007 CNI presentation are posted here: cniFall2007.ppt.

A summary table of data, comparing the systems side-by-side, is posted here: index2.html.

A page with clickable displays of all the data gathered for each of the systems is posted here: index.html. This requires a browser with a validating XML parser (e.g. Internet Explorer) in order to function.

General Discussion
GNU EPrints
Open Journal System
Connexions - Rhaptos

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  1. Anonymous

    you may add scopemed ( ) to the list of Open Journal systems, it provides free online article management system for open access journals

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    I love these types of little updates they change the pace of things... much needed. Good job and thanks
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    ">and in arabic</